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Take back control of your life

Long-term, cortisone-free, unrestricted treatment for psoriasis

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Imagine wearing shorts or short sleeves again. Go to the hairdresser or beautician, and live without being judged or having to explain yourself.

This possibility exists and it is in your hands.

How Nopsor works

How Nopsor works

before going to sleep, exfoliate the lesions with the shampoo, then apply the pomade and while you sleep you let the formula work. Repeat this process every day.

We recommend you watch the video on how to apply the treatment.

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we know your journey with psoriasis

Our founder experienced it first hand. The rejection, the frustration of trying too many things, the low self-esteem, the financial impact. Since 2004 we have been helping people like you who suffer from psoriasis.



After many treatments, Mariano found control of his psoriasis with Nopsor.

Houston, TX 2020

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Nopsor treatment gave me back my self-esteem, I can now wear shorts and short-sleeved shirts. I have been treated with more than 10 treatments for more than 15 years and the only thing I can say that has made my injuries disappear is NOPSOR. My joy and that of my family is immense, thanks NOPSOR. I am now a healthy man.



In just 66 days, the psoriasis of more than 10 years disappeared.


I would like to encourage you to try the Nopsor treatment. I have witnessed the progress of my husband who had Psoriasis all over his body and we had spent a lot of money with no results. Now my husband is happy because he can show off his skin without any attack of uncomfortable questions.


Nopsor has really changed my life, not only in my appearance, but in my self-esteem and confidence. I don't have to hide my body anymore. If you are reading this, you probably suffer from Psoriasis, if you have tried a lot of things, I ask you to give the benefit of the doubt to this product, I assure you that you will not regret it.

Santos Hernandez Luciano Miami Gardens, FL - August 2020
Saul Cotto Puerto Rico - August 2020
Teresa Gutierrez FL -Nov 2018
Juan Mendez Detroit MI, Nov 2018