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Our secret

Our secret

We apply ingredients known for the treatment of psoriasis such as el salicylic acid which is used to treat skin diseases due to peeling o overgrowth such as Psoriasis and helps to exfoliate the wounds so that the Nopsor ingredients can penetrate the skin.

Our secret is a proprietary blend of 8 herbs.

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Psoriasis control

At the moment, Psoriasis cannot be cured but it can be controlled. Fortunately, our treatment controls it in most cases and leaves the skin looking normal.

Depending on the severity of the Psoriasis, the extent on the body and the products or treatments used before, the results vary, in most cases it takes between 1 and 3 months for the skin to look normal.

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when it doesn't work

When it doesn't work in the first few months, it may be because the psoriasis is too severe and you need to try it for longer or because you have used too many corticosteroids before and haven't let your body rest. That is why we recommend that before starting with Nopsor you stop any other treatment.